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A bed with a secret, or How to organize hidden storage systems in the bedroom


For many of us it becomes an urgent problem, where to find additional space for storing things that tend to accumulate. Therefore, not only hallways and living rooms involve the installation of various cabinets, cabinets and chest of drawers, but also the bedroom. That often has a very negative impact on the comfort of the zone of sleep and relaxation.

And to avoid clutter in this part of the apartment, modern designers recommend using the area of ​​the bed itself, because it takes the lion's share of living space.

The bed is the perfect place for hidden storage systems.

Every time when the cleaning begins again and again the question arises, how to hide things and objects so that they are in the field of reach and out of sight. Especially when it comes to small rooms, because even one carelessly thrown thing in them creates the impression of confusion, and if there are several of them, then this is a real mess. But if you pay attention to the very interesting ideas that the experts have gathered in the arrangement of the square of the bed itself, you will be able to arrange very secluded storage systems that will help to hide a lot of necessary and not very good things, while preserving the spaciousness and comfort of even a tiny bedroom.

1. Boxes, containers, baskets, organizers

Things can be stored in ordinary fruit crates and wicker baskets installed under the bed.

This is the simplest and most economical way to use the space under or around the bed. It all depends on what design the piece of furniture has. If there is free space under the bed or it is on the legs and there is an opportunity to install it so that there is an approach to it from three sides, then there will be no problems with the organization of storage.

Boxes and shelves under the bed are convenient to use for storing children's toys.

Practical advice that relates to the organization of the preservation of order in any place, wherever they are stored, for all systems are the same. Of course, the available capacity is better divided into compartments and the order will be more and easier to search for, but ideally they should be transparent.

If it is not possible to purchase transparent or mesh containers, the bones can be signed or glued with appropriate pictures.

If this is not possible, then you can simply sign or paste the corresponding picture so that you do not have to look or open each of them several times a day. And be sure to think about what items and things to place further, and what should be always at hand.

At the head, you can also hide a narrow stack with open end sides.

Things and objects can be stored both in open form and in boxes.

When the bed has a solid frame, you can use the end space. If there is an approach from two sides to the headboard of the bed, you can do with your own hands a narrow rack with an open side, which ideally includes narrow long boxes or baskets of things or books.

Shelves under the bed can be used to store books.

More convenient option when there is an opportunity to establish usual shelves or a rack at the foot of the bed. Here and fit more, and it will be more convenient to use. Of course, you can use the installed shelf as in a regular cabinet, but in this case a lot of unpleasant moments arise.

On the open shelves of things and objects must be carefully folded.

Not only will it be necessary to keep things in perfect order, so open surfaces contribute to the accumulation of dust. Well, if there are animals or small children in the house, then this is not an option at all.

Wicker baskets under the bed will be an additional decoration for the bedroom interior.

Better in such a storage system to use stylish baskets or beautiful boxes that will help create an interesting and fashionable interior. And in this case, the designers do not recommend covering the entire structure with a veil or a curtain.

2. Sliding modules

Drawers are ideal storage systems under the bed.

This option is more practical, especially if you often use the things that are hidden. The modern market of the furniture industry offers a huge number of various drawers and even entire multi-functional systems of any size and configuration on rollers or castors.

With the help of a retractable structure, you can hide an extra bed and storage boxes.

Moreover, retractable structures can be both storage systems, and can also act as an additional bed. Such options are very convenient if you need to organize two beds in the nursery or have a spare guest bed.

Drawers on wheels can be used to store children's toys.

The design with retractable systems can be organized by yourself if you have the desire and basic skills to work with the simplest tool. In such boxes it is very convenient to hide children's toys, because even a kid can cope with getting the right machine or doll, and then putting it back in place. Thus, it is very easy to teach a crumb to order, because there is hardly any child who would not like such a house for his many toys.

Retractable systems can be made with ordinary drawers and even with luggage.

If you decide to create a sliding system yourself, you can show your creative potential in full, to the extent that you can try to attach the wheels even to an old suitcase or ordinary box.

3. Bed on the podium or in the niche

If you install a bed on the podium, you can organize a lot of storage systems.

If the bedroom is very small in size, that it is difficult to squeeze the bed there, then you can listen to the advice of modern designers and install a podium with a sleeping place. In this case, the bed will become a huge training ground, under which you can organize a very roomy area for storing things and bedding.

If the height of the room allows, you can organize a dressing room in the space under the bed.

Those lucky ones who have high ceilings have another unique opportunity to raise a bed in such a way as to organize the most real wardrobe room. In any of the above options for organizing a bed on the podium, the maximum space savings are absolutely obvious.

Options for organizing beds with storage systems in a niche.

By the same principle, you can organize a bed in a niche that is available or create it specifically. This option is resorted to in the case when the geometry of the available area allows it. And the design and construction methods are identical to the creation of a bed on the podium. And another important detail - this kind of bed can be made with your own hands and tailored storage systems to fit your needs and requirements.

4. Bed-wardrobe or built-in bedroom

Options for models of wardrobe beds.

Very ergonomic arrangement of the bedroom, which allows you to have two zones in one design - is to use a bed-wardrobe. The modern market allows you to choose a model to your liking and the parameters of the available area, if one is not found, but can be made to order or with your own hands. Naturally, the latter option implies professional skills and the availability of the appropriate tool.

The wardrobe bed is the ideal solution for the arrangement of a children's room.

This option is the best way to create a child's room, because they really need free space for outdoor games.

Rational organization of the bed in a small apartment and studio apartment.

Built-in bedroom will help free up the useful area of ​​the room.

If you have to equip a studio, then the best option would be a built-in bedroom, which will allow you to have a secluded space with the most convenient storage systems. The only drawback of such a module is the high price.

Interesting designs of beds built into the closet.

But if you are a high-class master and are familiar with chipboard materials, fixtures and all kinds of mechanisms, you will be able to organize such a comfortable and roomy bedroom yourself.

5. Bed with a lifting mechanism or furniture-transformer

Stylish model of a bed with the lifting mechanism.

Beds with a lifting mechanism have long been a lifeline for many apartments. After all, this design helps to hide a large number of things, especially bulk bedding.

Various options for bed models with a lifting mechanism.

In order not to use this unique function every day, it is better to put seasonal or rarely used things in the bed. Enthusiasts often make such a bed themselves, the main thing is not to save on the quality of the lifting mechanism so that later there are no unnecessary problems.

Transformable systems and surfaces are also very well proven in freeing up living space and organizing additional storage systems. Not only can these beds be hidden in a closet, the bed is also secured with special straps, which saves time during the morning cleaning and covering.

Folding transforming bed built into the furniture set.

If the transforming bed is part of the cabinet, then it performs its direct functions and acts as a usual storage place with built-in shelves with drawers. Another nice bonus - this furniture greatly simplifies cleaning the apartment.

A bed a transformer - the real find for small areas.

After all, not only is the most cumbersome piece of furniture hidden in the closet and does not interfere with anything, so the problem of dust accumulation under the bed disappeared, and therefore it will be easier to keep the room in order.

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